Invitation to the I Outdoor Craft and Blacksmith Art Meeting

1 September 2017

The smithy workshop of Alexander Czernecki together with Węgorzewo parish and Refugium Association invite all to the I Outdoor Craft and Blacksmith Art Meeting: SMITHY STOP. At what temperature does the iron warm up? What can be done with a small amount of iron? How does a 100-year-old bellows work? These are just a few things you will be able to find out at only such an outdoor event in Pomerania, directed mainly at children and young people but also at those passionate with smithery.
Blacksmith masters, who will open the meeting with a joint artistic work, will share their knowledge and enable you to try your hand at the anvil.

There will be additional attractions such as encounters with knights, archery, tasting of real crumbs, and finally a bonfire.