The Lviv Meeting

22 November 2016

“I swear to defend my country” – those were the words of Jan Kazimierz. The pupils of our school prepared a short play initiating the seventh Lviv Meeting. The play was followed by a presentation created by dr Krzysztof Kaczmarek on the situation of Poland during the Swedish Offensive. Piotr Kłobuch also talked about a Polish school in Lviv named after St. Magdalena. The pupils introduced some of the famous people such as Stanisław Lem, the Zappe sisters or prof. Teofil Ciesielski. The meeting was finished with the presentation of Jan Matejko’s famous painting: “Śluby Jana Kazimierza.” The Lviv Meeting is our school’s tradition. Last year we manged to get to the final of Polish Competition and received a “School with Tradition” certificate.